Do I have to pay for this service?

No, you don't. Service provided by Mutazaayid is free for parents as the agency commission is taken directly from the tutor's fees. Example: Mr. Muhammad has gotten a tutor for his son through our service. He has agreed to pay the tutor $200 monthly for four lessons per month. He does not have to pay the tutor for his or her first two lessons. Instead, upon completion of the first two lessons, he is required to transfer the agency the two lessons fees of $100 to Mutazaayid (50% of the first month). He is then required to pay the remaining $100 (50%) directly to the tutor on the 4th lesson. He only has to do this for the first months (4 weeks) upon lesson commencement. The tutor's fees ($200) for 4 lessons per month in the consecutive months will be paid directly by him to the tutor.

How do I make payment?

Simply transfer the amount stated in the invoice that we have e-mailed you via ATM, FAST, iBanking or Paynow.

I need to cancel/postpone my child's first lesson. What should I do?

For cancellation within 24 hours from lesson commencement, you are required to inform both the agency and the tutor assigned to you. However, you are still required to pay 50% of the agreed monthly fee to the agency within 3 days of cancellation. For postponement, you may contact the tutor directly not less than 2 hours before lesson is scheduled to commence. No fees willl be charged.

What subjects can your tutors teach?

Ukhrawi subjects: Arabic Nahu Sirah Tarbiyah Tarbiyah Arabic Quran Hadith Mustolah Hadith Quran Ulumul Quran O-Level Arabic Academic subjects: English Chinese Malay Tamil Maths Science Geography Social Studies We will update this FAQ section should we have tutors capable of teaching other subjects not listed above.

How do I give feedback to Mutazaayid?

You may simply e-mail us at admin@mutazaayid.com for any feedback. Mind giving us some good ones, inshaaAllah? ;)

Do I need to send my child over for tuition?

No, not at all. By engaging in our service, our tutors come to you at the comfort of your home to tutor your child. No travelling is needed.